Body positive

We focus on what your body is capable of achieving. We don't care what you look like. To us you are amazing.


Professional and well trained instructors will have you flipping, hair whipping and twirling around in no time.


When its fun, you can never be sure just how hard you are working out. Laughing is the best way to work your core

Stamina and strength

Each class is designed to challenge you and push your limits. Working you hard to help you reach your goals.

We are a community, the family you look forward to being around each and every week.

Our dance teachers are passionate about teaching pole dance. With years of experience, they have the knowledge and qualifications to offer a range of training on all forms of pole and provide fun and challenging approach in a welcoming and professional environment. We aim to be more than just a fitness class, We aim to empower each and every student who walks through our doors.

We want everyone to be able to experience the astounding benefits of pole fitness and will support you in every step of your journey, from beginners to advanced, we love coming up with new and creative ways to push your limits and challenge you further. We have helped students from their very first class reach heights they didn't think achievable. Rest assured our instructors will motivate and encourage you to reach your full potential. 

We work hard to provide a friendly and exciting atmosphere and have found that this not only helps you to gain the maximum benefits but it becomes easy to make friends, build your self-confidence and gain a whole host of amazing tricks with that impressive wow factor while you're at it. Coming to our classes really can help you on your way to becoming a whole new you. 

Featured Classes

Mixed abilities


Our mixed ability class is designed to help you find your inner goddess; pole style. Come along and get lost in the moves and atmosphere, after a week of getting buried in the daily struggles of reality.

You will learn everything from the basics,  and each week will provide a total body workout that will have you twisting and twirling your way to a fitter and healthier you. 

This class is great for an all-round pole dancing experience, you will gain strength and flexibility as well as learn some amazing new tricks. 

This is a great opportunity to come along and make new friends, challenge yourself and have some fun while doing it.

    We have worked with students of all ages and backgrounds, shapes and sizes and are proud to see all the hard work and confidence that comes from this class each and every week. 


Have you found yourself bored with regular fitness routines and want something that challenges your self-awareness, your strength and elegance while being mentally and physically stimulated? Then this is the class for you:

You will explore various pole styles as you work through liquid transitions, fluid motion and beautiful flow related to pole dancing. This class gives you the knowledge, skills and the freedom to develop your pole skills while learning something completely new.

You do not need to have any experience in either pole or dancing as all the techniques are broken down into manageable chunks.